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Margo is trying to have a quiet afternoon, relaxing on her couch and reading a trashy novel, when Asante knocks on her door, begging her to help him hide from his parole officer. Margo is a nice lady so she does as he asks, but how does Asante return the favor? By looking up Margo's skirt while she's trying to get rid of the officer. "That is the last time," 50-year-old Margo tells Asante when the heat is gone. "You owe me big time." "I do," Asante says. "And thanks for the view. I saw everything. You have nothing on under there." "Were you looking up my dress?" she asks. Asante confesses (at least he confesses to something, right?), and Margo decides that she'd rather spend the afternoon fucking than reading. "Do you want a closeup view of my pussy?" she asks. "Do you want to lick my clit?" He does, and then he does. And then she sucks his cock. And then he fucks her on the couch and cums inside her pussy, resulting in a very messy creampie. Sounds better than reading to us.
It's fucking time for Tammi Sue, a 46-year-old divorcee from California. Tammi does some semi-acrobatic cock-sucking in this video, and she doesn't hold on for dear life when the stud is fucking her mouth, either, enabling him to go as deep down her throat as he pleases. Then she gets slammed hard (Tammi Sue seems to like having a finger in her asshole) before the guy cums in her pussy, making Tammi Sue's first video a creampie video. Naughty stuff for this mother of two. Like so many of the women who come to our studio, Tammi Sue didn't get off to a great start with her sex life. "I was disappointed," she said. "I wanted more, and he was done so quickly." These days, Tammi Sue is getting more, lots more, whether it's in a group orgy at a swingers club or her sexy encounters with other women or when she's enjoying one of her many fetishes. "I like to be spanked and have my toes sucked on," Tammi Sue said. She likes to have her pussy filled with cum. And Tammi's not getting disappointed anymore.
In her first fuck scene, 41-year-old Carey Riley really sluts it up in the best way possible, showing the full spectrum of her mature cock-sucking and fucking skills. She makes humming noises when she's sucking cock, adding to the vibration of mouth against meat-stick. She looks into the camera as if to say, "I'd rather be sucking your cock." Carey has a very wet mouth, and she gets the stud's cock all slick and slimy-again, often while looking right at us-before she slides it into her pussy and fucks it every which way. And when the stud cums in her pussy, she opens it wide so we can see, digging her fingers into her pink cunt flesh and pushing out the man juice, flexing those pussy muscles. This is super-slut stuff! FYI, Carey has DD-cup tits and measures 40-30-42, meaning there's plenty of cushion for the push-in. She's 5'9", 164 pounds, and she's married. "I have many different ways I dress, depending on the situation," said Carey, who in this scene is wearing crotchless panties so she doesn't even have to get naked to fuck. "Obviously, for my job [she's in sales], I dress professionally, and around kids, I'll wear normal jeans and a cute shirt. But when I go out, I love to dress very sexy and sometimes straight-out whorelike. My husband loves it that way." A husband who likes when his sexy wife dresses like a whore...sounds like Carey is with the right guy.
As part of her continuing exploration of the sexual world, Trinity Powers-swinger, exhibitionist, hooker, now porn star-takes a creampie in her first on-camera hardcore scene. "I've explored behind the scenes in nudism, in the swing lifestyle and the brothels," Trinity said. "I'm going to become a stripper for a while, then I'm going to look into fetishes, which is a whole other universe." Watching this 51-year-old wife in action will send you into a whole other universe. She has huge areolae, a tiny waist, a shaved, ultra-pink pussy and a large clit. She's an extraordinary dick sucker. She inhales cock down to the balls, getting it all wet and sticky and never once gagging, then she turns over and gets her mouth fucked, allowing Juan to push as much of his dick meat into her mouth as he wants. This is not a woman who braces herself against the guy's thighs to keep him from fucking her mouth too deep. She wants it all. She gets it all in her pussy, too, and when Juan is ready to cum, he cums inside Trinity's pussy. "Oh, my pussy's so full of cum," Trinity says breathlessly. And then it's not so full of cum because she pushes it out little by little, letting us watch the man juice drip out of her just-fucked cunt.